We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our contest and helped make it a success!

And a special congratulations to all the 8 winners of Combo 2-in-1 Vacuum Steam Cleaners in our ‘Special Holiday Giveaway’ !

All the winners were selected randomly only among those who follow us on Facebook which exemplified the entry requirements !

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Light'n'easy giveaway information

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5. F.A.Q

Light'N'easy 2-in-1 Steam Vacuums

After time and use, a floor can become dirty enough that germs can build up, potentially leading to illness for humans and pets. It is very important to mop a floor, especially if you have small children who may crawl on that floor, drop items on it, and put those items in their mouths.

Traditional Mopping

As we all know this involves a bucket of hot water, some detergent and a trusty mop.
Plenty of people like the idea of washing their floors in this way because there is nothing better than that fresh smell once you’ve finished, and believe it or not some also need to feel like they’ve just spent an hour in the gym to truly get the sense of a clean floor.
Traditional mops are inexpensive to buy, but you will need a bucket and probably a scrubbing brush or two.

Steam Mopping

Steam mop has been developed because people have less time to spend on household chores than they used to.
Using very hot steam, it gets rid of unwanted germs & bacteria that can cause a variety of illnesses.
This type of cleaning is also eco-friendly, safer and cost effective. This is because most models don’t need detergent added.
However, to be efficient, it’s imperative that you vacuum the floor before steaming. You could alternatively sweep if you don’t have a vacuum, but good suction power will pull out of cracks things like lint, dust and other surface debris that tends to dirty the mop head.

Vacuum & Steam Mopping

Having to vacuum or sweep up before mopping your floors can be tiresome. This is why the Light’N’Easy two-in-one vacuum and steam mop is a revolutionary steam cleaner that can vacuum and steam at the same time.
Steam vacuums have the versatility of cleaning the carpet and bathroom, as well as the dog’s bed and your car seats. And since steam cleaning just uses water, it’s eco-friendly, which is good for kids and dogs running around the house. Steam deodorizes, sanitizes and kills bacteria.
It won’t take over your vacuum’s job, but it can cut down on the time you spend cleaning your hardwood floors.

Advantages of 2-in-1 Steam Vacuums


Light'n'easy giveaway prizes

GET A CHANCE TO WIN x 8 Steam Vacuums

Light’N’Easy is offering to 8 lucky winners our newest 2-in-1 Steam Vacuums to make sure your house will be ready for the holiday season!


Each package include:

  • One 2-in-1 steam vacuums
  • Onewashable and replaceable mop pad
  • User manual

Each steam vacuums is valued at $149.99 for a Giveaway Total Value of $1,199.92

See at amazon.com

light'n'easy giveaway Rules

1. This event is open to US customers only.
2. This event runs from December 12th 12:00AM PST to December 17th 11:59PM PST.
3. To participate, customers MUST:

  • Follow Light’N’Easy on Facebook: @lightneasy
  • Provide an email address so we may contact you at the end of the giveaway to inform you the results.
  • Write a short comment about how our 2-in-1 Steam Vacuum will be a plus for your household.

Note: participants who are NOT following @lightneasy on Facebook will not take part in the winners selection.

4. In order to get more chances to win you can complete the following actions:

  • Refer your friends: for every friend who join the giveaway, you will receive additional chance to win.
  • Share our giveaway on Twitter: @lightneasy_en

5. There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer.
6. Prizes and winners are chosen randomly by Light’N’Easy.
8. Winners will be notified via email to collect delivery address before Dec18nd.
9. Light’N’Easy reserves the right of final explanation.

To participate, click the below button or use the below Woobox form.



Woobox Form


1. How to participate to Light'N'Easy Giveaway?

To participate, customers MUST:

  • Follow Light’N’Easy on Facebook: @lightneasy
  • Provide an email address so we may contact you at the end of the giveaway to inform you the results.
  • Write a short comment about how our 2-in-1 Steam Vacuum will be a plus for your household.

Note: participants who are NOT a follower on Facebook will not take part in the winners selection.

2. I am not living in USA, can I still participate to Light'N'Easy Giveaway

No, this giveaway is only available to participants living in USA.

3. I don't have Facebook account, can I still participate?

No, our Special Holiday Giveaway require participants to follow us on Facebook.
Using Woobox, we are able to check which participants follow us on Facebook and who don’t.
Participants who didn’t or don’t want to follow us on Facebook will not be considered during the winners’ selection.

4. Why do I need to provide my email address?

Your email address is necessary for us to contact you if you are selected as a winner.

Please be assured that respect your privacy and will not spam you with undesired emails.

5. When will we know if we won?

We will select the winners randomly on December 18th and will send an email to all the winners.

We will also announce the winners in our website and social media (Facebook and Twitter).

6. I have win but I am late to send my shipping address, what should I do?

After receiving our Winners Email Announcement, each winners have 48 hours to provide us your shipping address.

If we don’t receive any feedback within 48 hours, we will select another winner.

Please be sure to check your email address or visit our Facebook, website page on December 18, to ensure that you don’t miss our announcement.

7. I have win and received the Free gift, what should I do next?

After having received your Free Light’N’Easy Free 2-in-1 Steam Vacuums, we would sincerely appreciate if you would accept writing us a short comment & picture of you and our products so we may share it on our Facebook & Twitter.

Each winners will also be mentioned and remain in our website (see Section “Result of Previous Giveaways” at the end of the page). 

8. I haven't been selected as a winner, do you provide other advantages?

If you haven’t win, you will still receive a coupon code offering you a huge discount on our Light’N’Easy 2-in-1 Steam Vacuums.

We also hold a giveaway every month so be sure to stay tuned and visit our website or Facebook page regurlaly.

Results of previous giveaways

November Giveaway

Date: November 17 to November 24, 2017
1rst Prizes: x 2 Multifunction Steam Mop Cleaner
2nd Prizes: x 3 Light Steam Mop Cleaner
3rd Prizes: x 3 Electric Sweeper Broom
Link: https://lightneasy.cc/giveaways-november-2017/

November Giveaway

1rst Prizes Winners:
– taxicheermom@***
– neoh42f@***

2nd Prizes Winners:
– yelowgirl123@***
– jaxsmom75@***
– missbuy1@***

3rd Prizes Winners:
– crecerperdedor@***
– vschmitt89@***
“Hello! I received the Light n Easy Steam Mop I won in your Thanksgiving promotion! Thank you so very much, I love it “
Link: https://www.facebook.com/Lightneasy/posts/228358621036835

– ckeen1977@***
” I won the Thanksgiving give away and I love it. When we moved we had to leave our old vacuum as there was no room in the trailer. My 2 year old also loves it so bonus for me.”
Link: https://www.facebook.com/Lightneasy/posts/226233227916041